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Civil Defence: Self help During Emergencies

What is Civil Defence?

Civil Defence is an organization of people who fight to lessen the effects of disaster like an air- raid, earth quake, flood or civil disturbance, on civilian life. The organization strives to save life, to minimize damage to property, to ensure continuity of production and to maintain the morale of the people in time of crises. It aims at restoring quick normalcy in essential services, industrial units and other walks of life after an attack.

Importance of Civil Defence

Psychological warfare or mind Attack is aimed to spread fear and panic among the people, to demoralize them and break their resistance. The importance of Civil Defence is to prevent psychological warfare by boosting up the will and the morale of the civilian population. As the citizen, you are as deeply involved asany soldiire in protecting the dignity and freedom of your country.

Problem after an emergency or civil disturbance

Every disaster creates complex and difficult situation like

Persons dead or injured

Insanitary conditions and epidemics

Animals dead or injured

Building damaged

Persons buried under debris

Essential services damaged

Large- scale fires

Property buried or damaged

People homeless and without food and clothing

Family members separated

Animal evaculation

Panic and rumours

Law and order problems

Damage in different localities.

The warden

The Warden forms the back-bone of the Civil Defence Organisation. He is friend, philosopher and guide to the people in his area and the eyes and ears of the Civil Defence authorities. He is usually a person from the locality who knows his area and the people of the area well.

Civil Defence functions

  1. Air raid relief - toprovide relief to the affected area and organize House Fire Parties to fight local fires
  2. Casualty service - to provide medical aid and on-the-spot First Aid to casualties.
  3. Control and communication service - Control is the nerve centre of the Civil Defence Organizatiion from where relief parties are dispatched to the scenes of damage.
  4. Rescue services - rescue parties, of the home Guards, free trapped people from damaged and high buildings, proide on-the-spot first and recover bodies.
  5. Auxiliary fire fighting service -  a group of volunteers trained to fight small fires with trailer pumps.
  6. Welfare service - assist in evacuation, bulletins, care of the homeless, including feeding and clothing, in giving information and making registrations.
  7. Headquarters service- planning execution and control of the Civil Defence Organization, dissemination of air raid warnings and black out arrangements.
  8. Training and supply services

Who can join?


You are eligible to join the Civil Defence Organization if you are above 15 years of age, have passed at least primary school, are physically  fit mentally alert.

How can you help?

What you learn in Civil Defence and how well you execute what you have learnt can make a real difference  during crises and help ensure the welfare of your country and her people.

As a volunteer, you carry a heavy responsibility and have  to be  well-trained  for  the purpose. But Civil Defence  Services need willing men and women who are ready to work  and receive  training and dedicate themselves to fight for  the country’s freedom.

You should , threfor, delay no further, but volunteer for the service of your choice.

If you are physically  fit and technical minded, join the Rescue Service or the Auxiliary Fire Service.

If you are a doctor, a nurse or a first-aider, join the Casualty Service.

If you are a teacher  or a professor, join the civil Defence Training Service.

If you are driver, join the  Depot and Transport  Service.

If you are a welfare worker, join the Welfare Service.

If you are a radio operator or telephone operator join the Communication Service.

Lose no more time. Contact your local  Civil Defence Office and enroll yourself. Start your training immediately in one of the organized Civil Defence Services.The firststep towards helping your country is to be able to look after yourself and to help others, during emergencies.

Dr. Muralee Mohan Choontharu

Chief  Warden

Civil Defence, D.K. Mangalore


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