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UCM Special Lecture: Akashvani never worked like an island

Mangalore: Akashvani never worked like an island. Working as a bridge between the system and the end user, the radio has been able to hear the pulse of the people,” said Hassan Akashvani Program Producer Keshav Murthy.

Delivering a special lecture during an online program hosted by the Journalism Department of the University College Mangaluru on Saturday, he said, The Akashvani, which had dominated the electronic media industry till 1980s, has also understood the need of new generation. It is available on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and also on the NewsonAir app. “Now, Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) service is also available in selected cities,” he added.

Having 27 years of experience in Akashvani, Keshav Murthy explained how the audio media became a part of the life of common man, especially of farmers through the special programs. He shed light on ‘Arivina Deepa’ (Knowledge light) project. He also interacted with media students. Students and teaching faculty of the department were present.

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