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Virtual installation ceremony of Inner Wheel Club

Mangalore: A virtual installation ceremony of the Inner Wheel Club of Mangalore North took place recently. The outgoing president Nirmala Pai and her team handed over the charge to new President, also the Head of the Department of Microbiology at University College Mangaluru, Dr. Bharathi Prakash and her team.  

PDG Rotarian K.Krishna Shetty of Rotary club, Mangalore North was the guest of honour and University College Mangaluru Principal Dr. Anasuya Rai was the chief guest for the event. Both conveyed their best wishes to both the outgoing and incoming team.   

Meanwhile, Vasanthi Kamath will be the new Secretary and Chandrika Bhat is the Joint Secretary. Geeta Rai will serve as the Treasurer, Deepali Nahataa as an editor, Usha Sudhakar as ISO and Meera Krishna as the vice president. Vishalakshi and Padmaja joined as new members.  

PDC Malini Hebbar and Rajani were the Zoom masters, while PDC Chitra and PP Rtn Shivani mastered the ceremony. PDC Mitra Prabhu was the installation officer and Charter member Usha Raviraj was the induction officer. More than hundred participants attended this program. 

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