UPAYUKTHA ENGLISH- Local to Global; Your own Digital Media 'In House Banana Flour' Production reaches to Mizoram too

'In House Banana Flour' Production reaches to Mizoram too

This farmer-friendly technology is extended there by a government officer, Maya Suresh, Mentor, Kudumbashree - NRO. This is part of  Start-up Village Entrepreneurship Programme (SVEP) Mizoram State Rural Livelihood Mission (MzSRLM)

Maya, originally from Kuruvilangad, Kerala is a dedicated officer. In fact, due to the internal issues,  life in Mizoram is crisis ridden. Movements are restricted, scarcity of essential inputs, network problems are hindering normal activities. However, after getting the information about Karnataka’s revolution in 'in house banana flour production 10 days ago , Maya and her team has worked hard and against odds to conduct this first trial. We had sent the message to her through WhatsApp.

Years ago, while serving in Maharashtra's Konkan area, Maya had painstakingly conducted a 'Jackfruit Festival' there, which was totally new to that area. This time,  Maya is ably assisted by  Margaret Valnanghaki (Project Facilitator ,) as Mizo who has played the role of a translator. Johann Joseph (Field Coordinator from Kudumbashree -NRO) has assisted her in this programme. Once raw banana is powdered and these farming families make preparations from that powder,  it  is likely to mark change in banana farmers life in this north Indian state.

Courtesy: -ShreePadre, Editor, Adike Patrike

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