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Nanjangud MLA requests govt to retain temporary University staff

Nanjangud (Mysuru): Nanjangud BJP MLA B Harshavardhan has requested the Higher Education Minister not to relieve temporary, contract, and outsourced employees from duties at Karnataka State Dr Gangubhai Hangal Music and Performing Arts University, Mysuru.

The MLA on Tuesday met Higher Education Minister C Ashwathnarayan in Mysuru and submitted a memorandum regarding his request.

The department of higher education on September 2 wrote to all state universities to immediately relieve from duty those who have been appointed without the prior approval of the government. This applies to both teaching and non-teaching staff. They could be on a contract or temporary or outsourced basis. The department has issued two circulars, on August 4, 2020, and on April 6, 2021, on the same.

MLA Harshavardhan told the minister that during this pandemic time, many who have been working as non-permanent employees would become jobless if they are terminated from duty. He said he attended a special meeting at the Gangubai Hangal University on September 6. At that time, many staff met him and explained that they had been working for the last 5 to 10 years for very low wages. The staff contended that their families would have no source of income if they were terminated from duty, which was the contention of the staff.

Keeping such staff’s welfare in view, the government must withdraw its order directing the university to terminate the staff, the MLA said.

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