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Tendency of speaking science in Kannada should increase: Dr M S Moodhidaya

Mangalore: The tendency of speaking science in Kannada should increase. Local languages should act like medium between science and common man, said Nitte University Pro-Vice Chancellor Dr M S Moodhidaya.

He was speaking as the chief guest at the closing ceremony of the 16th Kannada Vijnana Sammelana organised by the Swadeshi Vijnana Andolana in collaboration with the State Government, Karnataka Science and Technology Academy and Mangalore University on Friday. Science has its own language. Children should read up to fifth standard in regional languages, if not in their mother tongue. They should start learning the language of science, only after their scientific temperament gets improved.  “Teachers in science need study materials and training on teaching. Global thinking should not be abandoned even though we think of science in regional language, “he added.

Swadeshi Vijnana Andolana State President Capt. Ganesh Karnik said that this program is part of a movement. Our elders knew how to live with nature in harmony. We need to know that knowledge. Mangalore University Science Dean Manjunatha Pattabhi expressed his appreciation of the papers presented. Syndicate member Dr. Shikharipura Krishnamurthy read out the decisions taken in the conference. “Kannada as a technical language must be taught in the last semester of UG and a Kannada technical dictionary and Wikipedia should be developed,” he said.

In his presidential address, Registrar Dr. Kishore Kumar CK said that, Science is a comprehensive, scientific study of a subject. Other subjects too grow as science expands.  The forest department team which participated in the event and Koti Prasad Alva of ‘Prasad Art Gallery’, who organised a painting exhibition were honoured on the occasion. 

Swadeshi Vijnana Andolana Vice President Dr. C Renuka Prasad, Convener Dr. Niranjana Prabhu, General Secretary Dr. Ramesh H, Coastal District Unit Chairman Dr. SM Shivaprakash took an active part. Kannada professor Dr. Dhananjaya Kumble mastered the ceremony.

Prize distribution

Over 230 essays were presented in 12 categories across 4 stages in the program. ‘Best Essay’, ‘Best Essay – Woman’ and ‘Best Essay - Student" awards were given. Best performers in different categories were also honoured. Charan Kumar of the Forest Department and Mallikarjun of Alvas College shared their experience.

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