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Youths open up about mental health issues at CMRU event

Bengaluru: Millennials are concerned about the rising rate of mental illness and want to create an environment where everyone can openly discuss the issue in making the world a happier place. On Friday, students who took part in an event to mark World Mental Health Day said as much.

CMR University hosted an online programme called "Unmute and Echo," which allowed students to speak freely about mental health difficulties. Slam Poetry was chosen as the manner by which the participants presented their ideas. Every year on October 10, the World Health Organization commemorates World Mental Health Day. The theme for this year is  "Mental Health in an Unequal World." The Psychedelic Club (School of Social Sciences and Humanities, CMRU) students took the initiative to organise the event at CMRU.

While participating, Kianzandi Odyuo, MSW II year student at CMRU, said that everyone is leading a stressful life, mainly due to the pandemic. "Isolation, social distancing, economic slowdown, and related issues have caused a lot of distress among the Indians. There is an upward trend in suicide. It is the right time to open up and discuss mental health issues. It is a burning issue. Life is precious. We have to get up and get going in life," she said.

Abha Pravin Kale, MSc Clinical Psychology II year student, CMRU said it is time for students to come up with stories on mental health. "We all together can make this place a better one for those who are facing mental health issues. This topic is not discussed because of the taboo attached to it. We can spread awareness about the subject, provided we discuss it, "she pointed out.

Expressing similar views, Niyati Govind, MSc Clinical Psychology II year student, said CMRU along with its students is raising awareness regarding mental health as it is an important subject. Slam Poetry is the best form to express one’s thoughts. "Mental health is a stigmatised subject. But our university is making every single effort to increase awareness about this less discussed subject. Conversations are taking place around mental health. Today’s programme is rightly titled "Unmute and Echo." We need to express our thoughts about it. We need to be vocal in this regard, "she said.

Joining the debate, Wahida Nargis, MSc Clinical Psychology II year student and Secretary of the Psychedelic Club of CMRU, said that, as per the WHO, India is the "most depressed" country in the world. As per a report, between 1990-2017, 1 in 7 people suffered some sort of mental health issue in India."The situation aggravates if we don’t talk about it. The Psychedelic Club is trying to destigmatize mental health issues.  By attending to the problem, we can create a beautiful world, "she said. 

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