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University College: Vinayas V elected as student union president

Mangalore: Vinayas V, a final year B.Sc student has been selected as the President of the student union of University College Mangaluru on Friday.

Dheeraj of final year B.Com has been selected as the secretary, while Ankita S of final year B.Com as Co-Secretary and Aparna Shetty of final year B.Sc as the secretary of Fine Arts Association and Kavya N K of final year B.A has been unanimously elected as the Fine Arts Association Co-Secretary. Before that election was held to select 20 class representatives, while others were unanimously elected.

Election officer Dr.B M Ramakrishna looked after the election process. Counting was held under the charge of returning officer Dr. Ganapathi Gowda. Principal Dr. Anasuya Rai announced the names of winning candidates. Office bearers of the Student Union their happiness and sought support for future projects. Former principals Dr. Harish A and Dr. Uday Kumar M A guided the election process.


The candidates celebrated their win within the college campus by throwing flower petals, shouting slogans and dancing to the tune of music instruments. The Principal has congratulated the students who helped to make the student union election peaceful.

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