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2nd solar eclipse of the year comes with Deepavali

Deepavali begins with the end of Ashwin Masa brought on by a New Moon. This year, the end of Ashwin masa not only brings us Deepavali, but also the 2nd Solar Eclipse of the year on 25th October 2022.


What is a Solar Eclipse? 

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth, but unlike on a New Moon, during an eclipse, the three celestial bodies are perfectly aligned. The orbit of the Moon and the orbit of the Sun (as seen from the Earth) are not the same and are tilted by a small angle of 50. This leads to only two points on the orbits where the three celestial bodies can be in perfect alignment to cause an eclipse. 

A partial eclipse occurs when at a given place on Earth sees the Moon covering partially covering the Sun’s visible disk. If the Moon covers the solar disk completely, it is called a Total Eclipse. The eclipse of 25th October will appear partially across all the regions where it is visible. 

Almost all solar eclipses are preceded or succeeded by a Lunar eclipse and this partial eclipse is followed by a Lunar eclipse (when the Earth comes in between the Moon and the Sun) on the 8th of November. 

Where is it Visible?

Unlike the first eclipse of the year that was only visible in Australia, the Partial Eclipse of 25th October will be visible in all of India along with Europe and Central Asia.

This eclipse when seen from Russia will see 82% of the Sun, covered by the Moon. In India, this eclipse is best viewed from northern regions like Leh where the Moon will cover 54%, and at Delhi, the Moon will cover 44% of the solar disk and 10% at Bengaluru.

Visible in Karnataka/Udupi?

People of Karnataka can watch this eclipse during the evening as the Sun sets at the western horizon. Across the various parts of Karnataka, this eclipse will occur between 5pm to 6pm with only a slight variation in timings. The best place to view the eclipse would be a place with a clear view of the south-western horizon as the eclipse occurs very close to Sunset. 

The coastal town of Udupi therefore is one of the best places to view the eclipse with the scenic beaches acting as the perfect places to capture the Sunset eclipse. At Udupi, the eclipse will begin at 05:08pm and the maximum eclipse will occur at 05:50pm. 

What’s so special about the Eclipse?

The uniqueness of this eclipse is the fact that this eclipse will end at 6.28pm, which is 22minutes after Sunset at 06:06pm. This means, the setting Sun which appears large and bright red near the horizon, will be eclipsed by the Moon on 25th October. This sight of the eclipsed sunset could be a once in a lifetime opportunity for many.  

How to View?

Poornprajna Amateur Astronomers’ Club (PAAC) is known for its astronomy activities and like every eclipse, will organize an eclipse viewing program for this eclipse.

PAAC has made several arrangements to view the eclipse safely, for anyone who is interested. Schools, Students and members of public can join us on this day at Malpe Beach from 5pm until sunset on the 25th of October, with the support of Malpe Development Committee.

Deputy Commissioner of Udupi, Sri. Kurma Rao along with MLA Sri Raghupati Bhat and Sri Yashpal Suvarna, Chairman of D.K & Udupi District Co-operative Fish Marketing Federation Ltd., will grace the occasion as Chief Guests, while Dr. A.P. Bhat, Astronomer & Former Principal of Poornaprajna College, Mr. Sudesh Shetty, Convener of Malpe Development Committee will join as Guests of Honor. Dr. Shreeramana Aithal, Vice Chancellor of Srinivas University will also come as Guest of Honor.


We also request people not to attempt to look at the eclipse directly with the naked eye, or through any optical device like telescopes, binoculars or cameras. Eclipses must be watched only though a special filter designed to block all the Ultraviolet radiation that can cause retinal burns. X-Ray sheets must also be avoided. A live stream may also be made available on the Club’s YouTube channel depending upon the technical and weather conditions at the location.

However, the club urges the schools and people of Udupi to attend the program live at the location due to its uniqueness and beauty and we will enable every participant to view the eclipse safely with the support of Poornaprajna Old Students Association. 

- Atul Bhat
  Department of Physics
  Poornaprajna College, Udupi


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