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Health minister’s pledge will help eye donation movement, says Dr Bhujang Shetty

Nearly 30 lakh blind people wait for India to donate eyes and bring back vision

Bengaluru: Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar has pledged to donate his eyes on Wednesday. Welcoming this noble gesture of the health minister, Narayana Nethralaya Chairman and Managing Director Dr K Bhujang Shetty, who is spearheading the eye donation movement, said, “this admirable step of our minister will go a long way in raising awareness about pledging of eyes and actual donation of eyes to bring sight to thousands.”

India needs all the resources to mobile eye donation as nearly 30 lakh corneal blind people wait for eye donation.

At a recent function in Narayana Nethralaya Dr Sudhakar had asked Dr Bhujang Shetty to take the lead in state-wide eye donation campaign and formulation of guidelines.

Nearly 50% of Karnataka’s eye donation collection is carried out by Narayana Nethralaya, and last month Kannada star actor Shivarajkumar pledged his eyes and received donor card from Dr Bhujang Shetty at Narayana Nethralaya. “Eye donation does not just bring sight to a person but benefits many more and we have the technology to make maximum use of harvested cornea,” Dr Bhujang Shetty said.

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“Eye donations had almost trickled to nil during the last year’s pandemic period,” said Dr Shetty. “I am hopeful that timely pledge and appeals by important people will encourage people to donate eye,” he felt.

Dr Sudhakar has appealed to the people to come forward and donate eyes. “Our donation may be boon for others. This is a noble cause, and everybody should register themselves to bring a ray of hope for others,” said the minister.


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