The  Home Guards organization was first started in India during the II nd World War as an organization of volunteers to enforce Air Raid precautions in the localities where they live. It was however wound up at the end of the war.

A new organization of volunteers called “Home guards” was started in Bombay in 1946 primarily  to assist the police in the maintenance  of law and orders and in the restoration of   peace and tranquility during times of civic interest such as riots and strikes. In 1959 the government of India felt the need to bring about a consolidation of several voluntary organization like the Home Guards  organization throughout the Country on an uniform pattern. The Government of Karnataka enacted the Home Guards act in the year 1962 and sanctioned the establishment of home guards organization in all the districts of Karnataka State. The Government also framed to Home Guards Rule in 1963 applicable throughout the state prescribing the duties and functions, powers and priviliges of the Home Guards. The First Commandant general Shri R.A. Mundkar IPS, who assumed charge on 29-04-1960 laid the foundation for a solid structure on which Home Guards organization has come up.  The Home Guards act was passed on the 15th December 1962 and the Home Guards rules were adopted and passed by the State legislatore on 23rd Jan 1963.At Present the home Guards organization is functions in all the 30 districts of the State. Today the Karnataka Home Guards is reckoned as one of the best organization of its kind in the Country.

Who Can Join ?   

The Membership of the organization is Voluntary and Open to all citizens of all walks of life. The citizens who wants to join Home Guards organization should be physically Fit and willing to work with a free will for the service of community without expecting anything from the community during there  spare time  under the motto  “NISHKAMA  SEVA”  The basic qualification prescribed is a 4th Standard  in any language and in the age group of 20to 50 years. Normal tenure  of membership   in Home Guards is 3to 5 Years. Home Guards are recruited from various cross sections of the civic society such as professional college students, agriculture and industrial workers etc. who give their spare time  for betterment of the community. The Members enrolled  are given basic training at part –time parades held at district level. Selected Home Guards are given advanced training at the combined central Home Guards and Civil defense training   Institute,  Bangalore in courses like Rescue fire Fishing First Aid, Flood rescue  etc. The Training imparted to Home Guards enables them to act effectively  in the service of the community  in times of stress besides maintenance of law order. Their service have become indispensable during fairs festivals, sports  and conduct of elections and also during natural calamines like floods, cyclones earth quakes , lands slides etc.   Selection of the  Home Guard members is made by a committee consist of the deputy  commissioner, superintendent of  district police and DDPI of the concerned District after  verification of character  of the candidates by the Police.

The case of the District commandants the Government makes the appointment from among the candidates not affiliated  to any political party. The basic qualification prescribed is a graduation and shall not be more than 50 years of age apart from being apolitical,  resident of the District Head guards and Physically fit.  Home Guards and civil   Defense directorate function under  the Home  secretary  of Govt of Karnataka. The DGP and Commandant General, Home Guards and director Civil defense is the head of the Department for both Home Guards and civil defense departments.

Duties of Home Guards

1. To serve as auxiliary to the police and generally help in maintain internal security 

2.  To help the community in any kind of emergency such as Air  Riad precaution  or any  other natural disaster like flood, cyclons   earth quakes  and landslides etc

3. To function as an emergency force intended for special tasks directly or indirectly connected with the defence of the country.

4.  To maintain functional units to provide essential services such as motor    transport, Engineering groups, fire brigads, nursing and first Aid operation of Power Supply,  Water installations  and communication systems etc. 

5.  The Fire wing assists the Indian fire services 

6. Marine units  function as an Indian Coast Guard auxillary 

7. The Border wing of 18 battalions  assist the border securty force

8. Save live and property of the people during exigencies  

9. To assist the police authorities and district administration for law and order duties, election bandobast  duties, festivals,  jathras etc.

10. To assist the traffic police and to regulate the traffic  and help  in the smooth flow of the traffic.

11. To help the excise department, in curbing the menace of illicit liquor and assist the excise officers in cheking the  moment of liquor during election. This helps in conducting free and fire election 

12. To help the food corporation   of India depots for Guards the FCI Godowns  spread throughout   the country.

13. Provided security  to historical places (green policing duty) Govt. Hospitals, geology  and mines department and also to guards the public  buildings

Home Guard services in Mangalore:

Home Guard services in Mangalore was started in the year 1963 Dr. M.V. Shetty was  the first Home Guard commandant of Mangalore. Latter  years Sri Bindusara Shetty, Dr. A. Bhaskar Rao, Dr. Vidhyadhara Shetty, Dr. Shiva Prasad Rai and Dr. Nidarsh Hegde served as Home Guard commandant of Mangalore. Currently Dr. Muralee Mohan Choonthar is the Home Guard Commandant of Mangalore.  In D.K. District  there are about 800 Home Guard Jawans  are working in 5 Taluk Units and 9 Sub units. 


Home Guards organization is a voluntary organization and open to all citizens of all walks of life who are willing to work with a free will for the service of community without expecting anything from the    community.  However  every Home Guard Jawan is paid a honorary 250 Rs. Per  days as honororium but not as a salary.   (Rs. 300/- in urben city like Bangalore) The very motto of Home Guards organization is ‘NISKAMA SEVA’ and it is the duty of every citizen of our country to serve  the nation to the best of their knowledge and ability  without any expectations. The progress and growth of the country is in the hands of the citizens of country who dedicate their knowledge, skill, time, energy and  will for the betterment of the community, Village, District,  State and the Country as a whole.

-Dr. Muralee Mohan Choonthar

Home Guards Commandant

D.K. District 

Mob : 9845135787


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