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Realise true self to become a great personality: Swamy Bhodhamayanandaji

MU: Fourth lecture under Viveka Vani lecture series held on virtual platform 

Mangalore: "We should realise our true character and help others for the same. Only then can the intuition gets awakened and we can achieve all virtues including weal and sanctity which moulds us into a great personality,” said Vivekananda Institute of Human Excellence (Hyderabad) Director Swamy Bhodhamayanandaji. 

He spoke about "Swami Vivekananda and the Great Personality" in the fourth lecture of the Viveka Vani lecture series conducted on the virtual platform under the auspices of the Swami Vivekananda Study Center at Mangalore University.

Swami Raghuramanandaji of Mangalore Ramakrishna Math, Swami Ekagamyanandaji, Swami Dhwarkeshanandaji of Chandigarh Ramakrishna Math, Telangana High Court Judge Kodandaram, Mangalore University Registrar Dr.Kishore Kumar C. K, Manas Training Center (Bengaluru) Director Prof. Raghottama Rao, Mangalore University Department of Social Work Head Prof. Paul G. Aquinas and many dignitaries, researchers and students participated in the session.

Vivekananda Study Center Convener Prof. Sripathi Kalluraya P. welcomed the guests, Member Dr. Chandru Hegde offered vote of thanks and Ranjan Bellarpadi of Mangalore Ramakrishna Math mastered the ceremony. 

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