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It is high time to have some insights on IPR: Dr. Anasuya Rai

Dr. Pankaj Kumar delivers a special lecture on IPR at UCM

Mangalore: The IQAC and Department of Microbiology of University College Mangaluru jointly organised a webinar on ‘IPR and Technology Transfer in Academics & Startups’, recently.

Resource person, MHRD Innovation Ambassador, and IPR Facilitator for IIBS, Jaipur Dr. Pankaj Kumar explained that the union government is encouraging educational institutions to apply for patents. Teachers should come forward with their desirable innovations to apply for a patent. Even the startups involving college students can also apply for the patent, he said and added, “It takes 18 months for the process and once a patent is sanctioned it remains on the name of innovator for 20 years”.

Principal Dr. Anasuya Rai, in her presidential address, opined that it is the right time for the faculty to have insights on IPR and know-how to get it. IQAC Coordinator Dr. Suresh welcomed the participants and Microbiology Department Head Dr. Bharathi Prakash moderated the program.

After an interaction session, Botany Assistant Professor Dr. Siddaraju delivered the vote of thanks. Sumangala of the Microbiology department coordinated the photo session.

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