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Landslide between Mangalore Junction and Thokur station Konkan rail route disrupted

Mangalore: Due to the landslide related obstruction between Mangaluru Junction and Thokur, the following are the change in train services today on 16.07.2021.Landslip was caused by heavy rains that have been witnessed in the region over the past few days.

Mangaluru-Thokur section comes under the purview of the Southern Railway and Konkan Railway starts from Thokur.

Cancellation of Train services

1.The service of Train No. 02620 Mangaluru Central - Lokmanya Tilak  Matsyagandha  Express scheduled to leave at 12.40 hrs. on 16.07.2021 is cancelled.   

Short termination/ Departure of train from Surathkal

1.The service of Train No  01133 Mumbai CSMT - Mangaluru Junction Express Special terminated  at Surathkal on 16.07.2021, (today) and the pairing  service of Train No. 01134 Mangaluru Junction - Mumbai CMST Express  commenced journey  from Surathkal at 18.08 hrs.today.

Diversion of Train Services:

1.  The service of Train No 02617 Ernakulam Junction - Nizamuddin Mangala Lakshadweep Express Special scheduled to leave  Ernakulam Junction on 16.07.2021 (Today) diverted via. Shoranur  Junction , Palakkad , Erode , Salem , Jolarpettai , Renigunta, Ballharsha , Jujharpur Cabin Railway Station and  Itarsi instead of its normal route via.   Kozhikode, Mangaluru Junction , Madgaon, Panvel and Kalyan.

2. Train No. 09331 Kochuveli - Indore Express Special scheduled to leave Kochuveli on 16.07.2021 (today) is diverted via Palakkad, Erode , Salem,  Wadi, Kalayan and  Vasundhara.

3. Train No 06097Kochuveli  - Yog Nagari Rishikesh  Express Special scheduled  Kochuveli on 16.07.2021 is diverted via Padil , Hassan and Madgaon

4.  Train No. 02618 Nizamuddin - Eranakulam Junction Mangala Lakshadweep Express Special scheduled to arrive Mangaluru Junction on 17.07.2021 early hours  has been diverted via. Madgaon , Hubballi , Hassan and Mangaluru Junction.

Rescheduling of train service

Train No.06338 Ernakulam Junction - Okha Express Special Scheduled to leave Ernakulam Junction on 16.07.2021 (today ) at 20.25 hrs. is rescheduled to leave Ernakulam Junction at 22.25 hrs on 16.07.2021( today).


The passengers of Matsyagandha express  were accommodated in Mangalore Jn - Lokmanya Tilak express which started from Suratkal through road bridging.

For the the passengers of Train no.01133 Mumbai CSMT - Mangaluru Junction Express Special (nearly 100 Passengers), Train No.06071 Dadar - Tirunelveli Express Special (nearly 500 passengers) and Train No.06333 Veraval - Thiruvananthapuram Express Special (nearly 600 passengers) Buses are arranged to reach Mangaluru.


For the passengers of Dadar - Tirunelveli  & Veraval - Thiruvananthapuram a special train has been planned from Mangaluru Central. On completion of the road bridging the train will leave from Mangaluru Central.  For the passengers of Dadar – Tirunelveli Express, a special train is arranged from Shoranur Jn.


Special Help desks are organised at Mangalore Central, Kannur, Kozhikode and Shoranur Jn to guide the passengers.  Special teams are nominated to work at these help desks . Emergency Help Line No. 0491-2556198

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