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Musical maestro Pandit Heggar Ananth Hegde

That was a special occassion for musicians and disciples, called ‘Gurupoornima’ in Dehradun, the capital city of Uttaranchal state. A jam packed audience were there to listen to many Hindustani classical singers, who had arrived from different parts of the country. An artist hailing from Bangalore, capital city of Karnataka, where South Indian music is dominant, came to the dias. The crowd (which included legendry maestroes, musicologists, critics as ‘front row’ audience, was totally doubtfull and expectation was least about his performance.

A singer blessed with a deep, rich and resonant voice, began his concert with Raag ‘Puriya Dhanashree’ an evening melody. The concert was renderd with an alaap (improvisation) variety of tricky ‘surtaans’, ‘boltaans’, ‘aakars’. Artist showed his efficiency and control of voice, by singing in ‘mandra’ to ‘ati taara’ saptak (lower to highest octave) while making aalap. Thundering ‘aakars’ and lightning movement of voice from lower to highest octave were phenomenal. The audience were spell bound experienced musical exhilaration.

With an inborn wonderful voice, which has charm, sweet, resonant and capable of delicale flexibilty, artist proved his dedication, commitment and made the gathered crowd caliculation as ‘upside down’ is Sri Heggar Anant Hegde.  

An enthusiastic young vocalist in Hindustani classical music, Mr Hegde born in Heggar of Uttara Kannada district into a family of classical musicians. He had his preliminary training in music from Harmonium maestro Late Pt. R.V. Sheshadri Gavai. Afterwords he began a rigourous training under his elder brother Pt. Heggar Rajaram Hegde, a well known Hindustani Jalatarang player and graded artist of AIR. Mr. Hegde also got some musical tips from his another brother Pt. Heggar Balakrishna Hegde, noted Sitar player and disciple of Sujjat Husain Khan,legendry Ustad Vilayat Khan Sahab.

This may be called as the golden opportunity in the musical life, Anant Hegde as he was accepted as a discipleby the legendry maestros of Banaras Gharana Pt. Rajan and Sajan Mishra.

Rare Albums:

‘Sangeet Sarita’- As a musician, he has created a unique album called ‘Sangeet Sarita’. It is ademonstrational concept of Hindustani music and provides a complete picture of some of the most popular ragas with the theoretical narration and recital.

‘Hindustani sangeet and Hindi Filmi sangeet’” It is a combination of classical and light music. You can listen to some of the best heard Ragas and respective superhit old hindi film songs. With this he has proved his talent in light music also.

A devotional album ‘Harimecchanayya’, which contains compositions of famous saints, also got good response from listeners.  

Anant Hegde has participated in many concerts with his Guru Pt. Rajan Sajan Mishra all over the country. He has also given concerts in many of the Utsavas like Mysore Dasara festival, Karavali utsava,  Hampi utsav, Kadambotsava, Vachana Sangeetotsva etc conducted by the Dept of Kannada and culture, bangalore. He has also given many concerts during Ganeshotsva, Ramnavani etc. His Dasavani concert at Mantralaya on the occasion of Raghavendra Aradhana mahotsava 2014 has appreciated by the jam packed audience. Many of his concerts were telecasted by Doordarshan and other popular channels. He has felicitated with Aryabhata International award 2014.

He is a post graduate in Geography from Dharwar University. His style of singing is Banaras and Kirana Gharana. He is the chief of ‘Sangeet Sarita’ musical trust. At present he divides his time between performance, recording and teaching in Bangalore.

Permanent Address: 

Heggar Ananth Hegde, 

Sangeet sarita, No. 194, Nyatappa layout, 

Arakere, Bannerghatta road, Bangalore-76

Contact : 94499 86462 / 9449618207


Email: umavenur@gmail.com


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