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EKA CHAKRAM-Sanskrit Feature film getting ready soon

The fever of Samskritam grips across the west while the land actually originated from trails behind. Lots are being done for the resurrection, for it's the only knowledge treasure humans possess under the sun. We are fortunate to be born in our holy land, once abode to innumerable scholars, who have left behind their valuable scribblings for the upliftment of the next generations to come by.

A Contemporary of DVG and Mahamahopadhyaaya himself, Late Vidwan N. Ranganatha Sharmaji is reckoned with erudite scholars of Bharatha Varsha, whose literary works are adjudged as the most important work that prevails.

"EKA CHAKRAM" is a four-act play authored by Vidwan Sharmaji in Samskritham, which depicts series of incidents between Bheema and Bakaasura, during Dwaapara Yuga. An epic tale that eradicated the treacherous demon Bakaasura from the face of the earth byBheema is the plot of the presentation. There is much more to it. Several similarities and the sensitive adage that the play "EKA CHAKRAM" offers to us in this Kaliyuga too, is rather noteworthy.Hence, the film project "EKA CHAKRAM" came into being with a juxtaposition of the past-present and future. Several Yugas have gone by and people have drastically changed but the mindset remains the same.The film will be rolled fully in Samskritam alongside a thought process to revive, re-evaluate, recurr our very own ethos and ethics, our system has almost stopped working upon.

Play Written by Mahamahopadhyaya Vidwan Sri. Ranganatha Sharma, convener Dr. S.R. Leela, film Eka Chakram Direction by K. Suchendra Prasad, campaigned through Milaap  by Kala Sampada kendra for fine arts Founder Director Vidushi Veena C Seshadri, lion k Shivaprakash from Lions Pride International, Sri. Sundaresh from Arpana seva samsthe, Dr. C A kishore from Bharatiya Aryurveda pratishtana and with many more like minded people lending valuable support are contributing for the project.

The a Film is simultaniously rolled in bilingual, Samskritam and in kannada. Eka Chakram film is educational than entertaining and not for commercial.

For the cause Donate ! to complete the Film. 


(ಉಪಯುಕ್ತ ನ್ಯೂಸ್)

ಉಪಯುಕ್ತ ನ್ಯೂಸ್‌’ ಫೇಸ್‌ಬುಕ್ ಪುಟ ಲೈಕ್ ಮಾಡಿ


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