UPAYUKTHA ENGLISH- Local to Global; Your own Digital Media Trend Setter in tech sector: Vibha Technologies of Puttur adopted BitconiZ as one of payment receiving method

Trend Setter in tech sector: Vibha Technologies of Puttur adopted BitconiZ as one of payment receiving method


Puttur: 7 years old venture from the tier 2 city has adapted BitcoinZ, a community-driven cryptocurrency as one of the methods to accept payments.

Friday, Vibha Technologies from Puttur (which is located 50km away from Mangaluru City), has announced its new payment method officially. On the occasion of the 7th anniversary of Vibhaa Technologies and 4th Anniversary of BitcoinZ, a team of youngsters in tier 2 city has come up with a different approach in the IT industry.

What is BitcoinZ

This is a community-driven cryptocurrency that was started 4 years ago. Technologically well built combining the fundamentals of Bitcoin (fair start for ALL with NO premine , NO ICOS ) with privacy, ~0 fees, PC mining & more features. And also community targets to use BTCZ can be used for micropayments in the near future.

Many countries are adapting cryptocurrency as their legal tender and India is going to come up with a framework for cryptocurrencies! By realizing an opportunity in the crypto market, this team of youngsters have decided to think big and make noise in the field of information and technology.

Prameya - Knowledge Sharing Initiative

Vibhaa, being a tech startup, started a knowledge-sharing initiative to educate the people around their city. They started with small programs in the limited space available in the office and started sharing their knowledge on cryptocurrency and the BitocoinZ. As days passed, the vision became bigger and the team decided to take their ideas to the next level! Through the Prameya Knowledge Sharing Initiative, Vibhaa Team has touched more than 300 people through over 30 webinars/seminars in the past few months.

A New Way to Pay!

On the occasion of completion of 4 years in the Crypto Market for BTCZ, which is technically considered to be a true crypto gem and the enthusiastic team of youngsters at Vibhaa, which is stepping into its 8th year of operations, new ideas are being implemented. As a part of the upcoming merchant solutions & Peer to Peer Exchange project, the company announced that it will start accepting crypto assets as one of the payment methods!

Renowned IT Marketing Professional Mr. Abu Akhtar from Jamshedpur, officially inaugurated the payment mode by making a payment to the company using BitcoinZ wallet QR code. “Choosing the right cryptocurrency and investing in it is a big task and many of us will fail in that part. BTCZ technically has high potential and adapting it as a payment method in a small city is valued a lot” akthar shared his thoughts.

This team of youngsters is now famous in the BitcoinZ core community as well. Celebration of BitcoinZ’s 4th birthday and adapting it as a payment method was recognized by the core community and appreciated as, “our BTCZ friends from India!”

Driving Force to Vibhaa

Mentor & Vice President of the IT & Knowledge Sharing division at Vibhaa Technologies Mr. Keshav Murthy C said, understanding cryptocurrency and making a business out of it have tremendous opportunities.

Many countries are planning to adapt crypto as their legal tender. Merchant solutions, building a community of crypto will be the future and helps to make their financial freedom.

“At Vibhaa, being an IT company, we are introducing technical workshops in crypto, technical trading workshops in the stock market,  certification courses in Cyber Security, Big data, IoT etc. Vibhaa is also conducting career guidance, skill development programs to help the youngsters to shape their future as a part of the Prameya knowledge sharing initiative. Among the many value-added services,, we also provide professional consultation services on investment opportunities in crypto” he added.

A new era of success

The Founder and VP, Operations of Vibhaa, Mr. Adarsh Narayan said that, in the 7 years of journey in the IT industry, Vibhaa Team has acquired tremendous knowledge and experience. It’s time to share that knowledge through our knowledge sharing initiative and spread awareness about the amazing opportunities of the next-gen technology like Blockchain, Cryptocurrency.  He firmly believes that this is a new era of success and blockchain technology is going to revolutionize our lives in the next few years, like the world wide web or smartphones.

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