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It’s raining jobs at CMR University

CMRU placements outperform the pandemic, with 100% of eligible students getting placed on campus.

Bengaluru: The Pandemic blues have raised many concerns, including the shrinking of the job market. But when it comes to CMR University students, the campus recruitments has not been affected. The university has placed all of the eligible students in top multinational companies.

As many as 120 top multinational companies, through their virtual mode, have recruited students from this university. Blending academic education with skill is the plus point for the students of CMRU. The recruitment also indicates that the university is into providing industry-driven education to its MBA and other discipline students, according to a press statement by the university.

Some of the companies which chose to pick CMRU students are Cerner Corporation India, Bosch Ltd, Capgemini India, Infosys Limited, Simplilearn, Zomato India, Bajaj Allianz, KPMG India, Wipro, SLK Software, Flipkart India Pvt Ltd, HP Enterprise Ltd, Thomson Reuters India Pvt. Ltd etc.,

It is a sort of "believe it or not" story. Subbaiah KK, a fresh MBA graduate from CMRU, has got a pay package of Rs 7 lakh per annum, while Ashutosh Kumar, Caleb S, Hani Syed, and Akhil Hari have been able to secure Rs 6 lakh per annum. On average, to a fresher in the MBA stream, the pay given is Rs 4.3 lakh. In the BBA category, some students have been offered Rs 6 lakh annually. In the B.Tech category, a CMRU graduate has been able to get Rs 11 lakh per annum.

Subbaiah, who is happy with the offer, says, "I am happy that I could grab the opportunity given by the college during the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic. The company which has recruited me has recognised my talent.". Caleb S says that CMRU has offered many opportunities, even during the pandemic, for students to pursue their education and develop their skills. "The placement department of the varsity has always stood by us. It has helped us to get lucrative jobs, "he said.

Akhil Hari, another lucky student to get a job offer, says CMRU, despite being a young university, has offered tremendous support during the peak of the Pandemic. "I am happy about my placement package," he added.

It is not just all eligible students who have got placements, the salaries offered to the candidates are also better than in pre-covid times. This is true for the marketing discipline students.

Without a doubt, the pandemic has harmed the placement prospects of the 2020 batch. However, in the last 8 to 10 months, the market is opened up. Hiring has begun both due to demand and attrition. Employers have hired two to threefold higher than their average hiring volumes. Learning the lessons during the lockdown and subsequent slowdown of the economy, the CMRU prepared the students, sharpened their skills, and enabled efficient placements for them.

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