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Willingness is important to alleviate waste disposal problem: VC

Mangalore: A meeting of Principals of all the constituent / autonomous / affiliated colleges of the Mangalore University was convened to discuss about the challenges being faced in solid waste management in the city, at University College Mangaluru on Wednesday.

Mangalore University Vice Chancellor Prof. P Subrahmanya Yadapadithaya opined that will power is important to solve this issue. “With cooperation and collaboration between people and governance we can achieve wonders. Volunteers from organizations such as the NSS and the Red Cross can play a vital role. Funding is also a key factor,”he said.

Mangalore City Corporation Commissioner Akshay Sridhar said that if people are not understanding the problem fault is both with the administration and public. “This can be alleviated through community participation and collaborations with organizations. Students can create awareness in society, he added.

Centre for Development and Education Director Rita Noronha said, “It is important to connect with communities. When people are responsible, of course the problem is solved”. Mangalore University Bioscience Professor Dr. Prashant Naik said that not only NCC, NSS volunteers but all students should be active in this campaign. "It is more important to create awareness about the environment and health than collecting garbage."

The principals of various colleges shared their views. The city's civic representatives also participated in the discussion, explained the seriousness of the garbage disposal problem and advising on the work to be done by MCC without blaming the public awareness.

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