UPAYUKTHA ENGLISH- Local to Global; Your own Digital Media Resources and research are essential for journalistic learning: Prof. P Subrahmanya Yadapadithaya

Resources and research are essential for journalistic learning: Prof. P Subrahmanya Yadapadithaya

Mangalore: The New Education Policy- 2020 places greater emphasis on results-oriented, practical education. The journalism teacher also has to take note of the changes in the industry while teaching,”said Mangalore University Vice Chancellor Prof. P Subrahmanya Yadapadithaya commented.

Addressing the gathering after inaugurating a one-day workshop on Journalism UG syllabus (NEP) at the Shivarama Karantha on Monday, he said students need to be given a competitive education for their life. He also assured to provide the necessary support for the development of journalism departments under Mangalore University.

Speaking on the occasion of the Chief Guest, Ujire SDM College Journalism Department Head Prof. Bhaskar Hegde opined that it is important for lecturers to share their knowledge in implementing the new syllabus. In the presidential address, Principal Dr. Anasuya Rai said lecturers have to get updated to teach to the new generation of journalism students.

The head of the journalism department of the college is Dr. Shani KR welcomed the guests and shed light on the need for the workshop. Journalism lecturers of various colleges, heads of various departments, and coordinators of postgraduate departments participated in the inauguration. Ujire SDM College (Autonomous) Department of PG Studies in JMC Assistant Professor Sunil Hegde and Journalism teacher and Subsand Scribes, Media Ventures LLP Managing Director Harsha Raj Gatty participated as resource persons.

The Chief Guest at the valedictory function, Mangalore University Journalism UG BOS Chairman Prof. Kishori Nayak K opined that being a journalism teacher, must learn everything under the sky and preparation should be started to teach next semester syllabus under NEP. Principal Dr. Anasuya Rai and Journalism HoD Dr. Shani KR were present.

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