UPAYUKTHA ENGLISH- Local to Global; Your own Digital Media Novel approach to treat diabetes and diabetic foot ulcers will be explored at PODOCON 2022

Novel approach to treat diabetes and diabetic foot ulcers will be explored at PODOCON 2022

PODOCON 2022 will emphasize on regenerative medicine to treat diabetes & diabetic foot ulcers

Bengaluru: PODOCON 2022 is being held on Saturday (May 28) to bring one platform a galaxy of multidisciplinary experts from across India and USA, to speak on future-focused treatments based on Regenerative Medicine like Tissue Engineered Solutions, Stem cell therapy, Biologics, in wound management. The hybrid event will have sessions online and offline to encourage the participation of clinicians based in Bangalore and all over the world.

PODOCON2022 is organized by FootSecure, India’s only Podiatric Chain of Clinics.

PODOCON2022 will be moderated by pioneering Podiatrist and FootSecure Founder Dr Sanjay Sharma said “PODOCON 2022 will provide a rigorous overview of the present trends and practices in managing diabetic foot conditions, with a particular focus on novel technologies and regenerative medicine like stemcell therapy, tissue engineered solutions and Biologics. These treatment modalities shall change the way diabetes and diabetic foot is treated today”.

World renowned podiatric surgeon Dr Bijan Najafi from Texas, USA, will deliver a Keynote address on ‘Future Technologies in Wound Care’.  One of the renowned endocrinologist Dr Anil Bhansali of PGI, Chandigarh is speaking on Stemcell Therapy in diabetes in this conference.

Dr Sanjay Vaidya & Dr Ravi Chittoria, renowned plastic surgeons from Mumbai and JIPMER, Pondycherry, shall be speaking on Laser Treatment and Regenerative medicine in managing DFU in the conference.

The conference will emphasise on regenerative medicine as this method of treatment promotes angiogenesis and wound healing. Stem cell-based therapy holds tremendous promise in the management of Diabetes and Diabetic Foot Ulcers.

As Diabetic foot ulcer has become a major universal medical challenge - it has become imperative to deeply study the pathogenesis and biological characteristics of the diabetic foot, explore new treatment strategies and promote their application. Under these urgent circumstances, PODOCON 2022 assumes significant place in the knowledge space of medical professionals.

Diabetic foot is the most neglected complication with repeated ulcerations, infection that often negates traditional methods of treatment. Medical professionals around the world are constantly improving treatment regime because with the current treatment for nonhealing diabetic foot ulcers, a significant number of patients require foot amputation.

Diabetes causes dysfunction of multiple organs and diabetic foot presents a long-term complex interaction of neuropathic, macrovascular, and microvascular diseases in an abnormal metabolic context, accompanied by a decline in healing ability.

Chronic ulcers are difficult to cure, prone to recurrence, and have a high rate of amputation, leading to impaired quality of  life patients; source of psychological burden and economic pressure on their families and the health care system in general. Therefore, there is a need for new approaches to accelerate diabetic wound healing.

To know more about PODOCON 2022 please visit www.podocon.com

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