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' Banana Buds" : Well Begun, Kudos, But Only Half Done!

'Banana Buds' a farmers welfare platform of Peringulam in Kottayam district has made Banana Floor( BF) for the first time very seriously, on their own at household level.

This is an attempt of twelve farmer families to insulate themselves from regular market collapse of banana. As a first step, they had joined together, worked collectively and made BF from Nendran banana. This was distributed to all houses for phase two - cooking  experiments.

A meeting was convened yesterday afternoon to evaluate the food preparations and to chalk out further roadmap for their 'in house produced BF'. This is probably the first meeting on 'in house banana floor production' in the country! The enthusiasm of the partner families is was really laudable.

But there was a hitch. As popular household utilization of BF is totally new, the housewives imaginations flew only till some desserts and deep fries that anyone makes occasionally.

Dear Banana Bud Home ministers, please stretch your imagination. Try to make preparations for day today consumption. Once you think seriously on that direction, you can.  You may use the balance BF exclusively for this. How about another meet this on your 'Phase - 2" preparation that can take our BF to new heights and N number of households? 

Good Luck. We would wait to hear from you.

-Shree Padre, Editor, Adike Pathrike


  1. I would like to get in touch with the Banana Buds Team it will help if you can share their mail I'd or contact details please to balagopal2303@gmail.com or Wapp to 9840710005


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