UPAYUKTHA ENGLISH- Local to Global; Your own Digital Media "Till now, we hadn't imagined using Banana Flour beyond Baby Food"

"Till now, we hadn't imagined using Banana Flour beyond Baby Food"


So say the Kerala 'Banana Buds' housewives, Choicemol Babu and Lissy Joykutty. Though they are farmers since generations, iIt was first time they experimented making Banana Flour (BF) at home so seriously.

This is the reason why the creative cooking ability of all 11 member families didn't stretch beyond desserts and fried preparations that we eat once a while.

"Now, on review, we realise that we ought to have also focused more on food that we use day today. No issues. We are happy and excited about what we have made so far. All the households have half of the BF still with us. We will soon plunge into action and make preparations that will take our banana  flour to far wider applications."

Good Luck Banana Buds 'Veettammas' (housewives), we wait here anxiously to hear more from you soon!

Simplest technology, a boon to banana farmers.

Slice it, Dry it and run in Mixie. Your Banana Flour is ready!  So Simple, So Farmer friendly.

'KADS' (The Kerala Agricultural Development Society) Thodupuzha, a decades old reputed farmer friendly marketing organization makes trials on "Household Banana Flour (BF) production.

-Shree Padre

Editor, Adike Pathrike

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