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Library reflects the vitality of an institution: M.N Prasad

Mangalore: The library shows the vitality of an institution. It symbolises the never-ending learning process, said Karnataka State College Librarians’ Association (KSCLA) President M.N Prasad.

Speaking as the chief guest of the webinar on “Relevance of Dr. S R Ranganathan’s Philosophy in the present scenario”, organised by Dakshina Kannada and Kodagu Library Association and University College Mangaluru as a part of Librarians’ Day celebration here on Thursday, he said, "Dr. S R Ranganathan wanted to re-establish the great ancient library system of the country.”

Presiding over the function, Principal Dr. Anasuya Rai said that it is a matter of pride that Dr. S R Ranganathan worked as a mathematics tutor at University College from 1916 to 1921. “Library is essential even in this electronic age,” she added.

The program was moderated by Dr. Vasappa Gowda, the senior librarian of Besant Evening College. Government First Class College and Post Graduate Center, Thenkanediyur Librarian Dr. Rajashekhara Kumbara, Dakshina Kannada and Kodagu District Library Association President Ganapathi Bhat and University College Mangaluru Librarian Dr. Vanaja and others joined hands for the webinar.

Librarian's Day celebrated:

Prior to this, Librarians’ Day, the birthday of Dr. SR Ranganathan was celebrated at the University College Mangaluru library, which has over 75,000 books. Principal Dr. Anasuya Rai lit up the lamp and floral tributes were paid to the portrait of Dr. SR Ranganathan. Librarian Dr. Vanaja, professors of various departments, staff were present.

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