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Nanjungud gets 3 ambulances, medicines, thanks MLA

Nanjangud (Mysore): B. Harshavardhan, MLA for Nanjungud, has facilitated the delivery of three well-equipped ambulances to hospitals in his taluk. They would be made available to the general public right away.

Harshavardhan handed over the ambulances to the relevant authority on Tuesday.  He was able to acquire one high-tech ambulance with an oxygen cylinder facility for the Nanjungud general hospital. The government sanctioned Rs. 40 lakh for this vehicle. He spent Rs 30 lakh from his MLA's development fund to buy an ambulance. Mold Tek Packaging Ltd has donated another ambulance, this one valued Rs 23 lakh.

One will be available at the government hospital, while the other two will be at Tagadur and Hullahalli village limits.

The MLA also gave the Nanjungud government hospital Rs. 30 lakh worth of medicines. Dr. Prasad, Mysuru district Health Officer, and Dr. Eshwar K and Dr. Suresh, Nanjungud Health Officials, received the ambulances.

The ambulance service was inaugurated by the MLA driving one of the ambulances.

MLA Harshavardhan spoke on the occasion, recalling the agony endured by the people of Nanjungud because to the lack of ambulances during the first and second phases of Covid.

"We saw a lot of suffering and deaths during the second phase. Many catastrophes occurred in my constituency as well. Ambulances and medicines were both unavailable, which created a difficulty. I was extremely disturbed. I could have rented ambulances and splashed my picture all over them. However, I did not do so. I wanted to find a solution to these issues as an elected representative. I could get the ambulances in a couple of months with the cooperation of the medical officers. A lot of preparations have been done to face the third phase,” he noted.


When the MLA was alerted to the threat posed by a bogus doctor in Hullahalli village, he said he would direct health officials to take urgent action against him, including the closing of his clinic.

Dr. Prasad, the District Health Officer, said the taluk has received numerous complaints about phony doctors. The government has issued a directive stating that such clinics should not be opened. Fake clinics have been set up in defiance of this. He stated that they would be shut down soon.

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