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NEP-2020 is collection of best practices: Dr. Gopalakrishna Joshi

Mangalore: The National Education Policy-2020 is collection of best practices. It creates teaching-learning eco system. Learners realise their potential within and become useful to the nation, stated Karnataka State Higher Education Council Executive Director Dr. Gopalakrishna Joshi.

Speaking as a resource persons for a workshop and interaction program on implementation of NEP, organized by the Mangalore University at Town Hall on Monday, he said that NEP will bring relevance in education. Teachers teach according to the need of the stakeholders or students. This is the fundamental shift. “Students develop cognitive skills like critical thinking and problem solving which can be aligned with the global standards. They will learn what is happening in the market and they will be more employable,” he added.

Science Dean and NEP Nodal Officer Dr. Manjunatha Pattabhi explained the challenges before implementing the NEP and stressed on the importance of teachers understanding the policy and explaining it to the first batch. Vice Chancellor Prof. P Subrahmanya Yadapadithaya informed that workshops on NEP will be held in cluster-levels in different places. “Any language including English is not neglected in this policy. Teachers too have importance, but we can’t hang on workload problem as student are more important,” he added.

Registrar Dr. Kishore Kumar C K welcomed the guests. Registrar (Evaluation) Prof. P L Dharma, CDC Chairman Prof. Ravindra Achari and others were present. English Professor Dr. Ravishankar Rao mastered the ceremony.

A meeting of principals, representatives of the governing bodies and the NEP-2020 nodal officers of the autonomous colleges was held at University College Mangaluru. They expressed concern over curriculum freedom, pedagogy, workload etc. under NEP. However, Dr. Gopalakrishna Joshi assured that the university will deal with these problems and colleges should assess current status and they have to be role models.

The Vice Chancellor, Registrar (Evaluation) and University College Mangaluru Principal Dr. Anasuya Rai were present on the occasion.

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