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Nitte - KBL Kaun Banega Udyamapati reality show

Nitte: KBL Kaun Banega Udyamapati(KBU) Competition 2021 is a reality TV show that aims to provide an unique platform for the future entrepreneurs and promote entrepreneurship by identifying their ideas and talents.

The concept was conceived to enable early-stage startups by providing them guidance, support and linkages to investment opportunities. More than 500 startups have already registered their name and  top 20 startups have been shortlisted. The shortlisted Startups will present their innovative ideas in the live show broadcasted on 28th November 2021 on Namma  Kudla 24X7 channel. Each episode will feature 5 selected young entrepreneurs, one of whom will be selected as the winner.

The event was inaugurated on 28th November 2021  at 6 pm by Dr.Satheesh Kumar Bhandary, Vice Chancellor Nitte Deemed to be University.

Shri Vinaya Bhat, General Manager, Karnataka Bank and Dr. Ashok Alur, Director, COE for FPO’s Govt. Of Karnataka were the Chief Guests.

Chief Executive Officer of AIC-Nitte Dr. A.P Achar in his introductory remark gave a brief background of Kaun Banega Udyamapati Contest. He welcomed all the guests who attended the event.

Dr. Satheesh Kumar Bhandary in his Inaugural  address opined that KBU program is designed to  create future entrepreneurs in the country. He also mentioned that Entrepreneurship is supported through a number of government programs. In this direction, Nitte University through AIC-Nitte has structured this Innovative Program for the benefit of young Entrepreneurs in coastal Karnataka.

The chief guest of the program, Shri Vinaya Bhat, General Manager of Karnataka Bank said  apart from Banking business, Karnataka Bank also supports such initiatives which create the future entrepreneurs not only in Coastal Kannada but across the country. He further mentioned that Karnataka Bank always stands with such innovative initiatives.

Another guests of the event Dr.Ashok Alur, Director, Center of Excellence for FPOs, Govt. Of Karnataka in his address mentioned that AIC-Nitte has created a new history in  promoting & supporting entrepreneurship in Karnataka through KBU. The Karnataka Government's Startup Policy also supports entrepreneurship in Karnataka.Shri. Murugesh Nirani, Hon'ble Minister for Large & Medium Industries Government of Karnataka, has extended all his support in launching this contest. He is excited about launching of KBU at the state level in the year 2022 with the active involvement & cooperation of Government of Karnataka.

Mr. Leelaksha Karkare, Head of Namma Kudla and Mr. Tilak, Director of Vignahartha Hindustan Agro Technologies participated in the program.

Mr. Puneeth Rai hosted the event and Ms. Deeksha Rai concluded the program with the vote of thanks.

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