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Localized rainwater harvesting has many benefits: Shree Padre

Mangalore: There are many benefits of localized rainwater harvesting. It is accessible to the poor, no need of advanced technology, and a one-time task without a middleman. Saved water is worth earning, said Water Conservation Expert and ‘Adike Patrike’ Editor Shree Padre.

He recently inaugurated two rain water harvesting systems at Mangalore University, one behind the Humanities block with a 1 lakh litre storage capacity and the other adjacent the lecture hall complex with a 2 lakh litre storage capacity, each installed under the RUSA scheme.

Delivering a lecture on rainwater harvesting he said, “Decentralized rainwater harvesting  are cost-effective and serve different purposes, including domestic consumption, agriculture, ground water recharge, prevention of soil erosion, enhancement of water table, drought proofing and flood control. In fact, it is much better than groundwater for drinking as it does not contain arsenic, fluoride, iron or pesticides which are difficult to remove even with hi-tech filters.”

In his presidential address, Vice Chancellor Prof. P. Subrahmanya Yadapadithaya said that rainwater harvesting system is one such activity by which one can contribute for the welfare of society and nature, which would remain permanent for next generation as well.

Prizes were distributed to primary and high-schools for the essay competition on 'Role of Students in Environmental Conservation'.

Program Coordinator Prof. Prashantha Naik, RUSA Nodal Officer Prof. K.S. Jayappa, Executive Engineer Lava M. Dambara were on the stage. Dr. Dhananjaya Kumble mastered the event. Sabitha introduced the chief guest. Faculty members and students have attended the lecture.

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