UPAYUKTHA ENGLISH- Local to Global; Your own Digital Media "Karnataka's Banana Flour movement, role model for Jalgaon", says Maharashtra KVK Scientist

"Karnataka's Banana Flour movement, role model for Jalgaon", says Maharashtra KVK Scientist

"Karnatka's In house Banana Flour (BF) production movement", opines Prof. Kiran Jadhav, Scientist (Horticulture), KVK, Jalgaon, Maharashtra, " is role model for Jalgaon farm women."

Jalgaon has more than half a lakh hectares of banana cultivation. Productivity per hectare is 61.40 metric tonne. Adds Prof Kiran, " Green Banana Flour (GBF) and its by-products will provide employment, earnings, reduces gluts of fresh banana and provides nutritional security to every banana grower family".

"GBF is a source of resistant starch. It may be used for functional food purposes in the prevention / reduction of cholesterol, constipation, colon cancer. Due to its high fiber content gluten free nature, it balances sugar level, helps in lowering weight. In other words it is “seriously nutritious food”.

Information sharing on health benefits and different dishes and their recipes will create awareness among communities. Promotional activities like trainings, workshops, webinars, print- electronic media coverage will also help in popularization of GBF in a big way."

"Efforts are needed to inspire farm women, SHG’s and FPO’s for starting small scale GBF units at farm levels and help them for marketing through different platforms."

Says Prof Kiran Jadhav, "KVK is district level knowledge and resource center platform. We will go for promotion of GBF technology among different stakeholders through One District-One product programme, APEDA sponsored Banana cluster development scheme (Jalgaon as Banana district) development and other district level programmes."

- Shree Padre

Editor, Adike Pathrike


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